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2 year design cycle

100% solar powered

preparing to compete in the ASC 2020

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Who we are

UBC Solar is an interdisciplinary, student-led team dedicated to the designing and racing of solar-powered vehicles. Our team is a community of undergraduates, graduates, professors, alumni, and industry professionals with diverse academic backgrounds. Our strong belief in collaboration fosters an environment for peer mentoring, technical innovation, and professional development. As students, we learn how to build our ideas. It is through our drive to be perpetual learners and teachers that we hope to showcase our commitment to sustainability and innovation within the automotive industry.

American solar Challenge

Sponsorship shoutout

Social MEdia

The UBC Solar aims to race in the biennial collegiate American Solar Challenge (ASC), the next one occurring in July 2020. This 1,700 mile road event is preceded by the affiliated qualifier 3-day track race - the Formula Sun Grand Prix (FSGP) - in which teams must pass rigorous safety regulations and complete either 96 laps in one day or 143 laps over two consecutive days. The team with the fastest car, or the car that finishes a lap within the shortest amount of time,  is also recognized. UBC Solar is currently manufacturing its brand new solar-powered vehicle to race in the FSGP in July 2019, after which it will prepare for the interstate journey the following year. To learn more about the American Solar Challenge and the Formula Sun Grand Prix visit. americansolarchallenge.org.

JLCPCB has been a long term sponsor of UBC Solar. They have been providing amazing high-quality PCBs to supplement our Electrical team in making our car go.


They reached out to us to explain how they are helping and educating students through their sponsorship program. If you would like to learn more, click here.

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