Sanjana Chawla

Subteam Lead

The Battery Management Systems (BMS) team focuses on the battery control systems and electronics to ensure the vehicle’s battery maintains safe operating conditions. The team also works on supplemental circuitry in the form of relays, switches, and power distributors. The team works with electrical diagrams, PCB design, and software to make a safe and reliable operating system. Tasks include a span of electrical and firmware design projects, while making key decisions about the feasible performance, safety, and structure of the vehicle’s battery.

Isaiah Adejumo

Subteam Lead

Power electronics is a dynamic sub-team that works with the motor, motor controller, solar array, and maximum power point trackers (MPPTs) to ensure that the car can drive continuously on nothing but solar power. The team focuses on configuration and testing HV and LV systems, making use of their electronics knowledge and skills to optimize the performance of the car. The team ensures that the true power of solar technology is optimized to the fullest. Projects include a combination of electrical testing and mechanical integration, while also taking on specialty projects like thermal management and solar panel encapsulation.

David Widjaja

Subteam Lead

Working closely with all other sub-teams, the software sub-team works on the vehicle’s primary controllers. The team works on transmission networks between the car, the driver, and the on-ground team to monitor the vehicle and strategize. Software members work with the controller area network (CAN) which creates a communication web between the motor controller, the battery management system, and the dashboard. Projects include embedded firmware design for driver control, telemetry interfaces and tools, and simulation software for reaching peak efficiency during every leg of the race.


Anthony Ho

 Subteam Lead

The Low Voltage Systems (LVS) sub-team designs the circuits that interface with the driver and the vehicle controllers.The team designs and maintains the cars’ lighting systems, horn, dashboard, and data transmission modules to ensure smooth operation of the vehicle in any condition.



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