Pranjal Goel


Nursultan Tugolbaev

Electrical Co-Lead

The executive team leads the project through a captain and leads for the electrical, mechanical, and business divisions. They are responsible for ensuring that each arm of the team is meeting design and manufacturing goals. Liaisoning with faculty, staff, and industry representatives is a core responsibility of the executive team. Another focus they have is grant applications, team funding, and helping members learn and find their passion projects. They maintain team structure, provide resources, and keep members on task to ensure fluid operation.


Emily Deutsch

Electrical Co-Lead

Alex Ezzat


Leo Xie

Mechanical Lead

Sage Broomfield

Co-Subteam Lead

 The business team consists of members from several disciplines including international relations, business, economics, and engineering. The business team is responsible for the administrative, financial and marketing aspects of the team. This includes marketing materials, video production and social media, budgeting, sponsorship, fundraising, and outreach events. The business team ensures that UBC Solar’s public image emphasizes our core values: professionalism, smart design, and innovative thinking


Charlotte Lewthwaite

Co-Subteam Lead


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