Vishal Vichare

Subteam Lead

The Aeroshell team focuses on the vehicle’s outer carbon fibre body, which includes aerodynamics, material selection, manufacturability, and integration. The team uses a wide array of tools to keep the car efficient, lightweight, and protected. Members gain a strong understanding of composite materials, fluid mechanics, and vehicle dynamics. Precision is key for this team to ensure that every external edge of the car is perfect.


Allan Kwong

Subteam Lead

The Battery Mechanical subteam is responsible for the car’s HV Lithium Ion battery pack. With a combination of mechanical design and electrical implementation, the team focuses on the battery modules and enclosure. This team is essential as they also monitor the thermal systems, and manage vehicle integration which contribute to the overall functioning and safety of the vehicle and driver.


Andrew Zhang

Subteam Lead

The Chassis team is responsible for vehicle structures. The team deals with vehicle form, crash safety, component placement, and validates designs using complex FEA to simulate a variety of vehicle conditions and crashes. Understanding of static mechanics is a necessity while minimizing vehicle weight, profile/size, and finding the critical balance between ergonomic efficiency and structural triangulation.


Adrian Lam

Co-Subteam Lead

The Suspension, Steering, Wheels, and Braking (SSWAB) team designs and builds the vehicle’s critical drive systems.  The team performs in-depth analysis/FEA on all designs to ensure vehicle safety and strong race performance. Projects include 3D modeling, optimization, and analysis of the vehicle’s on-road mechanics and dynamics. Most components are manufactured in house, providing a strong hands-on experience while also emphasizing the necessities of strong mechanical theory and manufacturability.


David Stewart

Co-Subteam Lead


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