UBC Solar provides an opportunity for undergraduate students to expand their knowledge outside the classroom in a highly interdisciplinary environment. The team consists of around 30 students who voluntarily dedicate a substantial amount of their time outside of academic studies to the team. We are subdivided into three primary groups- Mechanical, Electrical, & Administration Team.


Mechanical team designs and analyzes the structural components and aerodynamic features of the car. The car is conceptualized from sketches and all parts of the car is fabricated from scratch by students. The subteams consists of chassis, drivetrain, aeroshell, and suspension subteams.


Electrical team designs and configures the powering systems of the car, including: the solar arrays, battery, telemetry system and motor. The Finally, the administrative team provides support through the development of a strong social media and on campus presence, which helps our continuous sponsorship drive.


Ultimately, UBC Solar provides a framework to foster exceptional teamwork and strong technical skills to extend the reaches of sustainable automotive technologies.