UBC Solar provides an opportunity for undergraduate students to transcend the classroom and learn in a highly interdisciplinary, team environment. Our goal is to foster the technical skills of our members within a project-based framework in order to develop applications in the sustainable technology sector. We consist of roughly 80 students, all of whom volunteer their time outside of academic studies. The team is subdivided into three divisions: Mechanical, Electrical, and Business.



The Mechanical division consists of four sub-teams: aeroshell, chassis, battery mechanics, and SSWAB (Suspension, Steering, Wheels & Braking). They are responsible for designing the structural and aerodynamic components of the car, from first sketches to fabrication.


The Electrical team designs and configures the powering systems of the car via four sub-teams: battery management systems, low voltage systems, power electronics, and software. The final division, Business, supports all aspects of team management. This includes marketing, sponsorship, and finance.