UBC Solar


Solar powered student driven

About us

UBC Solar is a student team focused on the design and manufacturing of solar-powered race cars. For us, efficiency is everything.
Core values
  • Sustainability – Our cars compete on an international stage to promote clean energy and sustainable automotive solutions.
  • Student education – UBC Solar is a place for learning, regardless of year, experience,  or educational faculty. Whatever their interests, we seek to help our members hone their skills and find their passion.
  • Professionalism – While operating like a startup business, we teach our members how to perform in a fast-paced work environment. Professionalism is essential for producing the next generation of industry leaders.
Daybreak is UBC Solar’s second solar car, set to race in the 2021 American Solar Challenge. Running on less power than a typical hair dryer, Daybreak is a statement about the future of the automotive industry. Little did we know that it would be a stepping stone towards something greater...
The American Solar Challenge is a 2500km road race across central North America. Spanning over five days, teams from around the world compete to cross the finish line powered by nothing but the sun. Pushing the vehicles and their designers to their limits, it is our drive and ambition that will get us through the pearly gates.
UBC Solar consists of over 60 members spread across 8 technical subteams and a marketing team.

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